It’s possible to implement Natural Language Processing in your JavaScript project without integrating external API by using Cereberum.js.

Cereberum.js is an OpenSource npm package designed to perform advanced Machine Learning operations like Natural Language Processing into your JavaScript project. Mainly NLP is used for making chatbots in the web application. If the web application builds on JavaScript, it would be required to use an external API to implement a chatbot. These API might be costly; we are transferring our data to an external server for processing it could violate the privacy policy. Cerberum.js allows us to process data in your…


Redundant calls of the same API from the Next.js application are typical behavior. It could happen while updating the component or by traversing from one page to another. This repeat calling of the same API will cost us more money and affecting the app performance also. We could avoid this unnecessary API call by caching that API from the initial call itself.

By caching, we store that particular API call response in our local memory, and whenever the same call is triggered again, we send it from our local storage; thus, we could avoid the call to the server.

Caching flow


Next.js is a React framework for making front-end applications, and is a headless CMS. This article aims to provide basic information to create a blog with these two technologies in a simple as possible manner. We won’t make a fully-fledged blog here; we only walk through the required configuration to create blog posts with and render those blogs in the front-end applications created using Next.js.

Create account

The first thing to do is to create an account at if you don’t have one. provides different plans for starting a project on its platform. For this demo, we are…

Functions that requires high computation power

Typically, it is impossible to import modules based on the condition. Whenever a page loads, all the imported modules on that particular page also get loaded.

const allowImport = true;
if (allowImport) {
import DynamicComponent from "../components/hello";
export default function Home() {
return (
<DynamicComponent />

The above snippet of code will produce some errors while compiling. But with Next.js, it is possible to load modules based on conditions with the help of dynamic import. We have to import the module ‘next/dynamic’ to perform the dynamic import.

import dynamic from 'next/dynamic'
const allowImport = true;
let DynamicComponent…

Dynamic Routing means we don’t want to specify static routes for the pages; it would be dynamically generated using data from API or other means. Consider you build a portfolio site it might have pages like about, contact, and home page we required to define routes for each page statically. Still, in the case of a blog, there would be a home page, category page, and detailed page for each post; this detailed page cannot be defined with a static router because there could find hundreds of blogs post, and it is not possible to define separate router for each…

With plain React, the HTML to render is produced on the client-side, so search engines must execute the JavaScript code for getting the HTML. Next.js has a pre-rendering feature that the HTML supposed to render is produced on the server-side then sent to the client-side. This pre-rendering feature provides improved SEO for the Next.js application because the search engine will get HTML directly from the server and doesn’t require generating HTML while crawling.

  • Static Generation: HTML is only generating during build time.
  • Server-side Rendering: HTML is generating on each request.

A Beginner’s Guide

Creating a react app from scratch required installing Webpack, Babel, React, and connecting React components towards DOM. While using Next.js, the command create-next-app do all the configuration automatically and provides us with a production-ready app.

Usually, search engine crawlers fail to extract data from websites built with JavaScript because it takes time to execute the script and get the data. In Next.js, it has a built-in feature for pre-rendering by using both Server Side Rendering(SSR) and Static Generation(SSG). Pre-rendering means HTML needed to render is generated on the server-side and send to the client-side.

The benefits of pre-rendering are better…

Earn passive income by selling art

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

If you are an artist or makes arts as a hobby, this article could guide you on creating passive income by selling your artwork. We are going to cover the following topic :

  • How to make an online store without any cost
  • Marketing your arts on Instagram
  • Selling your crafts using Pinterest

You might think setting up an online store requires lots of technical knowledge, and maintaining a store will cost you so much. But there is a way we could make an E-commerce site without spending a single dollar. Moreover, you don’t need…

Introducing a JavaScript library for developers who loves to make art.

Art made with JavaScript


The JavaScript library p5.js enables coders to make fantastic arts by only coding. The motive of this article is to provide essential information to create art using p5.js. The library allows us to make simple kid’s art to a range of highly elaborate art. The topics I am going to cover in this article are the following.

  • Setting p5.js in the local environment
  • Drawing an ellipse
  • My creative coding art portfolio
  • Resources for making intricate art
  • Benefits of making art by coding

Initially, create a folder and name it as your wish; inside the folder, create two files, index.html, and…

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